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  Alpacas For Sale Devon
Devon Alpacas For Sale Devon Alpacas Alpacas For Sale Devon Alpaca for sale Devon
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Alpacas for sale Devon

Devon Alpacas for sale

Alpacas for sale Devon  
Alpacas Devon

Alpacas originate in Peru, Chile and Bolivia.

Alpacas are semi-ruminants, surviving happily on grass throughout the year - hay should be
provided in winter.

Most have a life expectancy of 5 - 20 years with some neutered males reaching 25.

A mature alpaca will weigh anything between 60 to 90 kg (132 to 198 lbs) and stand 85 to
95 cm tall at top of the front shoulder (withers).

Crias weigh between 6-8 kg (13 - 18 lbs) at birth. Females can breed from about the age
of 18 months up until 17 years of age while males start at around 2 years and breed up to
18 years.

Alpacas give birth to a single cria after 11 to 11.5 months pregnancy and are ready for mating
two weeks from birth.

Twins are very uncommon, around one in 50,000 births, and do not usually survive.

Alpaca for Sale Devon

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